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B2C Logistics Center

The B2c logistics center is a research group within Politecnico di Milano active in the field of logistics to support B2c e-commerce and, more generally, omnichannel strategies

Research takes into account warehouse solutions (storage, picking and packing) and last mile delivery in the context of B2c e-commerce, with particular attention to both economic and environmental sustainability

The ultimate goal of the B2c logistics center is to support operators in the sector in both understanding the main dynamics in place and developing effective logistics solutions

Our Research areas


Distribution networks design for both e-commerce and omnichannel solutions


Design of storage, picking and handling solutions in the e-commerce field


Analysis of innovative last-mile delivery solutions considering the dimensions of economic, environmental and social sustainability

Where we are

Management Engineering Department
Building BL26

Via Lambruschini 4/B
Milano, 20156

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